How to make your event memorable by engaging the five senses

No matter the size of your party, the tone needs to be just right. From the smell of flowers to the music as guests enter to the decor. The aim is to create unforgettable experiences at every turn. .

As an event producer known for curating unforgettable experiences, I always plan with your guest experience in mind. To curate a truly unforgettable event experience, you must be focused on ambiance and every little detail. Great ambiance should appeal to all five senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste). when it comes to the five sense, no detail is too little.

Want the tips on how to create the ultimate event experience? Use these tips to help make your event memorable by engaging the five senses

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Your guest experience begins with the first thing they see. You want to make it memorable. I love to create a GRAND ENTRANCE at every event.


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Melody is essential tot he success of an event. Guests should be taken on a journey through the entertainment options. Every part of the event should have a curate vibe. Pay attention to the ambiance your are trying to create when selecting your entertainment options.

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You want your celebration food and drinks to be well curated, delicious, and memorable. You want your food and drink menu to be a crowd-pleaser.


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This is one of my favorite things I love to curate. I love texture and the feel of a really good quality fabric for the napkins and table cloths. The stationery is another favorite. Guests will touch and feel the invitations, menus and even place cards.

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Smell is one of the most ignored senses when curating the perfect event. What guests perceive is vital to the guest experience. You want enticing smells that keeps guests wanting more. While the food, cocktails, and flowers smell great, Don't forget about the bathroom. A room spray and scented candles will definitely elevate your guest experience.

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